NIH Delegated Acquisition Certification (DAC)

NIH implemented the NIH Delegated Acquisition Certification (DAC) on April 30th, 2019.  This certification is for non-1102s that reside outside of NIH’s 10 Offices of Acquisition. This program is designed to train, certify and maintain employee eligibility to receive and hold a Contracting Officer’s warrant. This program and certification allow those certified to receive delegated warrant authority up to $150K using pre-negotiated instruments.  There is no educational requirement for the NIH DAC. 

Initial Certification: This program consists of experience and training requirements that must be met in order to receive the certification and then must be maintained every two years to continue to hold the certification.  The following are the requirements for NIH DAC.


Six months previous acquisition experience utilizing Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP)


  1. Basic Simplified Acquisition or equivalent (40 hours)
  2. Advanced Simplified Acquisitions or equivalent (40 hours)
  3. HHS Appropriations Law (16 hours)
  4. Purchase Policy and Practice (12 hours minimum)
  5. NBS Buyer Simplified Acquisitions – System (8 hour minimum)
  6. Section 508 training (1 hour minimum)
  7. Green Purchasing Training (2 hours minimum)
  8. FAC 069 Price Analysis (0.5 hours)
  9. FAC 085 Back to Business: Price Reasonableness for Simplified Acquisitions (0.5 hours)
  10. FAC 029 GSA Schedules vs. Open Market (2 hours)
  11. FAC 023 Using the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program: An Overview (4 hours)
  12. FAC 048 GSA MAS Program: Buying Services Through GSA Schedules (4 hours)
  13. CON 0640 Wage Determinations (2 hours)



HHS Application Form

FAI CSOD: Initial Certification will be processed utilizing package submission to NIH ACP ([email protected]) and in FAI CSOD.  

  • Step 1: Submit the application package with HHS Application form, training completion certificates, recent PMAP with rating, and resume to [email protected].
  • Step 2: Upon review and tentative approval from the NIH ACP office, you will be provided instructions on how to submit the CSOD application form for approval.

Re-certification: The NIH DAC must be maintained every two years within the CSOD established “Common CL Period” by meeting the 40 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs). The “Common CL Period” established by CSOD goes from 5/1/2022 – 4/30/2024 and every two years after. NIH DAC Re-certification guidance: NIH Delegated Acquisition Certification (DAC): Re-Certification Requirements | Office of Management  

Revocation: All acquisition certifications must be maintained within the two-year period by meeting the requisite number of CLPs and mandatory courses. Failure to meet the requirements will result in the revocation of certification and void any acquisition authority issued under the certification such as warrant authority.


Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) CLP Guidance

OALM Acquisition Career Program Office: [email protected]