Deputy Directors Office

About the Deputy Director’s Office (DDO)

Welcome to the Deputy Director Office (DDO), Office of Acquisition & Logistics Management (OALM), at the National Institutes of Health.

The Deputy Director serves as back up to the Director, OALM at NIH. The DDO plays a major part in planning, developing, and implementing NIH-wide acquisition initiatives. It is a focal point for many requests for data from the NIH community, DHHS, outside agencies and the public at large. In addition to the support provided to the Director of OALM, the DDO has three major programs as described below:

Acquisition Career Program (ACP)

ACP provides guidance to the NIH acquisition community on training and certification for Contracting Officers (COs), Project Officers (POs), Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs) and Program Managers (PPMs)

Acquisition Performance Measurement Program (APMP)

APMP provides assistance to the NIH Acquisition community in developing performance measurement. APMP is also responsible with administering the Departments Acquisition Balanced Scorecard surveys, collecting and reviewing Office of Acquisition Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Contract Data Management Program (CDMP)

The Contract Data Management Program (CDMP) provides NIH contract management data reporting and analyses to the NIH acquisition community, DHHS and the general public. It also provides technical assistance to the NIH acquisition community including a monthly listing of active NIH contracts.