About the Administrative and Program Resources Office (APRO)

The Administrative and Program Resources Office (APRO) advises and provides special assistance services to the Director, Office of Acquisitions and Logistics Management (OALM) and senior staff, and oversees administrative and program services in support of OALM. This office is comprised of two teams: Administrative Services and Program Resources.

The APRO Administrative Services team provides expertise and advice on all administrative matters, as they serve as the liaisons for building facilities, human resources, travel, training, property, and purchasing, and oversee FTE operations and support to OALM.

The APRO Program Resources team members provide input on all management organizational restructuring initiatives; develop sponsored training programs; oversee OALM’s training and organizational development programs; prepare, develop, coordinate and implement special projects/initiatives in support of OALM. They also manage and oversee the OALM programs for Alternative Work Schedules, Awards, Performance Management, Telework, the OALM New Employee Orientation Program, Workforce Succession Planning, and provide FOIA support on requests related to OALM records.