FAC 038 Training

FAC 038 Training – Integrating Sustainable Acquisition (formally known as Green Purchasing Training) available on the DAU/CSOD website.

Important: Users must have an existing account with DAU/CSOD in order to access the course and must first log in before attempting to access the course. Information on how to setup an account can be found HERE. 


Instructions for how to complete FAC 038 training: 

  1. Once logged into the DAU/CSOD site, locate the ‘search’ box at the top right of the page 

  2. In search engine, type ‘FAC 038’ (ensure there is a space between ‘FAC’ and ‘038’). 

  3. The global search will bring back the required training as shown below. 

  4. Select the training.

  5. Select 'Request' and follow instructions for how to launch and complete the training.


    Global Search for FAC 038