Warrants and Delegations of Procurement Authority


Warrants at NIH must signed by the Head of the Contracting Activity, Diane Frasier. Warrant requests are to be forwarded to 6100/6D01 to the attention of the NIH Acquisition Career Manager or sent via PDF to: Warrants@mail.nih.govand are to include the following items:

  • Contracting Officer’s Warrant Application Form(Appendix P-1, Fillable PDF Form)
  • Employee’s current resume or Optional Form 612 describing the employee’s experience, education and training relevant to the position including the information required by FAR 1.603-2
  • Most recent Performance Appraisal - first page only with rating
  • Certificate from FAC-C certification program
  • Evidence of completion of mandatory training and CLPs. (40 hrs required every two years for Purchasing Agents, 80 hours required every two years for Contract Specialists)
  • Warrant requests must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Acquisition (OA) Director for OA employees or second tier supervisor for the Delegated Acquisition Community. This approval can be done via separate memo or email and must be submitted as part of the warrant application package.

Please note that warrants are IC-specific. If you transfer from IC to another at NIH, you must request a new warrant.
Warrant Terminations are to be processed using Appendix P-2, Request to Terminate Warrant/Notice of Termination

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) language on Warrants - see FAR 1.6
Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR) guidance on Warrants

Delegations of Procurement Authority

Acquisition authority at $3,500 and below can be delegated using a form 2604 or purchase card. The NIH Office of Logistics and Acquisition Operations has more information regarding various simplified acquisition regulations on their web site.For Purchase Card questions, please contact: CreditCard@od.nih.gov