Mandatory Training Requirement for Contract Specialists & Warrant Holders

Requirement for retention of FAC-C certification. To maintain FAC-Ccertification, all certification holders must earn 80 CLPs every 2 years. FAC-C certification will technically expire if the CLPs are not earned every 2 years (from the date of initial certification or re-certification) and, if applicable, may result in a loss of warrant authority. (Note: The certification programs' continuous learning requirement applies to all applicable personnel, including those who were certified under prior certification programs.)   The two year window reflects the time when you received your certification, so for example is John Smith received a FAC-C I certification on January 1, 2012, he would have through January 1, 2014 to earn his 80 CLPs.   Staff are encouraged to keep track of their hours in a file at their desk and review with their supervisors on a yearly basis. 

FAC-C Digital Services (FAC-C-DS) designation: Those with the FAC-C-DS designation are required to include 20 CLPs of Digital Service training in the total 80 CLPs. More info on DS training found here.

CLPs are generally equal to an hour of training.   The CLP rules are posted here.

NIH Appropriations Law Refresher training mandate:

Acquisition personnel are required to complete, as applicable, the additional training requirements specified below. These courses may be used as electives for the purpose of satisfying FAC-C requirements or as continuous learning for maintenance of FAC-C certifications.

  • Appropriations Law Refresher   All GS-1102s, GS-1105s, and individuals in other GS series holding a Contracting Officer warrant must complete the NIH Appropriations Law Refresher training requirement as mandated by the NIH Mandatory Training Committee (Committee). The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) Appropriations Law Refresher offering is the only acceptable training class to meet this mandatory requirement. This mandatory training requirement must be tracked by OALM through the FAITAS system and is therefore a mandatory requirement for FAC-C re-certification and must be completed during the 2-year re-certification cycle.
  • NIH Training Center offering for the NIH Appropriations Law Refresher:
  • FAITAS   All those in the acquisition community across the federal government are asked to establish their profile in FAITAS. Please go to the following link to register: Further FAITAS guidance is also posted here.

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