Federal Acquisition Certificate in Contracting (FAC-C) Re-Certification

Federal Acquisition Certificate in Contracting (FAC-C) Re-Certification

Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting (FAC-C) Re-Certification is required every two years from the date of initial certification. Re-certifications through the Acquisition Career Program are currently on hold until further notice as the process and system has not been established in the Federal Acquisition Institute’s Cornerstone OnDemand (FAI CSOD).

While the process to submit and verify are not currently being done at the OpDiv or HHS level, the requirement to maintain the certification every two years has not been waived or removed. Continue to meet your re-certification CLPs and maintain the record independently until a system solution is developed.

Initial FAC-C Certification Requirements

FAC-C Digital Services (FAC-C-DS) Re-Certification

Those with the FAC-C-DS designation are required to include 20 CLPs of Digital Service training in the total 80 CLPs. More info on FAC-C-DS training found here.

NIH Appropriations Law Refresher Training

All GS-1102s, GS-1105s, and individuals in other GS series holding a Contracting Officer warrant must complete the NIH Appropriations Law Refresher training requirement as mandated by the NIH Mandatory Training Committee. The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) Appropriations Law Refresher offering is the only acceptable training class to meet this mandatory requirement. This mandatory training requirement must be tracked by OALM through the FAITAS system and is therefore a mandatory requirement for FAC-C re-certification and must be completed during the 2-year re-certification cycle.

NIH Training Center offering for the NIH Appropriations Law Refresher: https://hr.nih.gov/training-center/course-catalog/federal-appropriations-law-refresher

These courses may be used as electives for the purpose of satisfying FAC-C requirements or as continuous learning for maintenance of FAC-C certifications.

What Happens Next

Reserved for future process once established by FAI and HHS.

Training Options

There are currently three free online vendors that provide numerous training options to complete the certification and re-certification requirements.


The Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) offers free online and classroom/virtual training offerings. These can be found and registered for through the FAI CSOD System.


The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) offers several online courses related to acquisition, management, budget, etc. These courses can be registered for through DAU at http://www.dau.edu


The Virtual Acquisition Office’s (VAO) Applied Learning Online (ALO) modules offer several courses related to acquisitions. The licenses for this vendor are paid for annually by HHS. They are reusable so HHS limits the enrollment time to 10 business days. Send enrollment requests to ACP@od.nih.gov

Instructions and Resources


The links below provides the FAI CSOD User Guides for both Employee and Supervisor actions in FAI CSOD. These are step-by-step instructions to all the actions employees or supervisors will do in the FAI CSOD System.

Director of OALM: Diane J. Frasier