OALM Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) Information

NIH is using a phased transition approach from the NIH Office of Financial Management (OFM) Electronic Invoice Submission instructions to the Department of Treasury Invoice Processing Platform (IPP).  All new Contractors/Vendors (Vendors) who have never done business with NIH will use IPP effective March 21, 2022.  All existing NIH Vendors will transition in “Waves” to IPP during the period March 2022 through March 2023.

OALM Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) Information

New HHSAR IPP Clause

All existing awards will be modified to include a new Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR) clause HHSAR 352.232-71 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests (February 2, 2022) along with your company/organization’s transition date to IPP. All existing NIH Vendors should use the OFM Electronic Invoice Submission instructions until your company/organization has been notified of its transition to IPP. All new awards to new Vendors will contain HHSAR clause 352.232-71 and use IPP upon award.

How to Find Your IPP Wave Number

A list of NIH’s Vendors and associated IPP Wave numbers is located here. This information is being provided so that you can identify your IPP Wave and plan on your end for the transition to IPP.

IPP Wave Numbers and Transition Dates

Using your Vendor’s IPP Wave Number stated on the Excel spreadsheet, below are the IPP transition dates by Waves:

IPP Wave  IPP Transition Date (Date that Vendor Starts Using IPP)
1A March 21, 2022
1B April 25, 2022
2 June 21, 2022
3 October 11, 2022
4 January 9, 2023
5 March 13, 2023

IPP Wave Notification Letters

IPP Wave Notification Letters will be sent to the Vendor’s SAM.gov Point of Contact (POC) and IPP POC email addresses. It is important that SAM.gov records are active (not expired) and reflect the current names and email addresses for all POC’s.

Wave 1 – Enrolled in IPP

Wave 1 – Not Enrolled in IPP 

Wave 2 – Enrolled in IPP (Attachment 1 - List of IPP Wave 2 Vendors)