General FAQs

Q- Where can I find a wealth of information about acquisition training and certification at NIH?

A- Visit the Acquisition Career Program page for more information.

Q- How do I sign up for an acquisition or COR course?

A- Visit the Acquisition Training page for information regarding acquisition training, Basic FAC-COR Training for FAC-COR training, or the FAC-P/PM Training Sources

Q- How do I receive a FAC-C Certification?

A- You complete an application which goes to the Department for approval. See the acquisition certifications page for details.

Q- How do I get a warrant?

A- First, get certified (see above), then have your office request a warrant for you. Note that this is typically Contract Specialists above $25,000, and to Purchasing Agents up to $25,000. See the Warrants page for more information.

Q- How do the 1102 Qualification Standards work?

A- Visit the 1102 Qualification page for more information.

Q- How does the requirement for Continuous Learning Points (CLP’s) training for 1102s effect me?

A- Visit the Continuous Learning Points (CLP’s) page for more information.

Q- How do I get a Purchase Card?

A- Purchase cards are processed through Purchase Card Office in OAMP. Please visit the OAMP Purchase Card website (NIH Staff Only) or you can contact the Purchase Card office at: CreditCard@od.nih.gov for more information.

For questions, please contact:


FAC-COR Certification – FAQs

(FAC-COR : formerly known as FAC-COTR)
  • How do I apply for FAC-COR certification or re-certification?
    Follow the directions on the following links: FAC-COR Certification and FAC-COR Re-Certification
  • Where can I search for my current certification status?
    You can search for your status at the following link: FAC-COR Database
  • What are the differences between Levels I, II and III?
    Guidance on the differences may be found at this link: FAC-COR Certification
  • Do I need to apply for re-certification every two years?
    Yes, your certification is only valid for two years from the date it is issued. You must apply for re-certification every two years. Please review policies at this link: Get Your Refresher Training
  • What is fulfillment?
    Fulfillment is reserved only for initial certification and will not be allowable for re-certification. It is the process by which an employee can demonstrate attainment of the required competencies for certification through alternative training, experience, education, certification by another recognized organization or other developmental activities is referred to as fulfillment. Review fulfillment policies at: Apply FAC-COR Via Fullfillment
  • How do I document my training?
    Training can be documented with training certificates from the classes completed the last two years or if you are unable to produce a training certificate, please be able to self-certify and have your supervisor certify that you completed the training. All training documentation should be entered into FAITAS. The instructions to the most common action are provided below with HHS/NIH specific details. 

    Click Here for FAITAS Employee User Guide
    Click Here for FAITAS Supervisor User Guide

  • Where can I take the initial COR training?
    There are many options for taking the basic course. The following link provides a description of where training is available: Basic COR Training
  • What counts for CLP credit?
    After you obtain your FAC-COR certification, you must earn refresher training every two years in order to keep that certification. The training period tracks from the date of issuance of your FAC-COR certificate. A CLP is a continuous learning point. It’s roughly equal to an hour of training, but broadens the training concept to include formal education, team leadership activities, publication of papers, professional examination, formal rotational assignments and conference attendance. See HHS Guidance on Meeting the Requirements for Continuous Learning Points.
  • What is the difference between FAC-COR & FAC-P/PM certification?
    FAC-COR certification is required for all those functioning as a COR on a contract. FAC-P/PM certification is only required for IT and Construction program and project managers. Other staff are allowed to apply for this certification but aren’t required at this point. Acquisitions requiring an OMB Exhibit 300, HHS Form 300, or equivalent are considered “major capital investments” and the program/project managers in charge of such programs are required to get FAC-P/PM certification.
  • What if a training class does not provide any documentation of completion?
    You should describe the training you completed in as much detail as possible – for example if you completed webcast training, provide a short description of the training, the date you completed it, etc. Please have your supervisor certify that you completed the training by signing the form. Enter all training documentation into FAITAS.
  • Do I need to complete CPARS to be eligible as a FAC-COR?
    Yes, CPARS training is required for initial certification as well as re-certification as of January 1, 2012. Please register for CPARS at the link provided on our website. CPARS specific questions should be sent to: CPARS@mail.nih.gov
  • What if I can’t find the answer to the question here?
    Please submit all other questions to: FAC-COR@mail.nih.gov