FAC-COTR Certification

Applying for FAC-COTR via Fulfillment - only for initial certification, not re-certification

COTRs can receive FAC-COTR certification without meeting the specific training requirements if they are able to document they have developed the necessary skills through experience or alternative training. The guidance on ‘Fulfillment’ is as follows:

  1. Fulfillment. The process by which an employee can demonstrate attainment of the required competencies for certification through alternative training, experience, education, certification by another recognized organization or other developmental activities is referred to as fulfillment. Any employee wishing to demonstrate fulfillment of competencies shall submit evidence of having met the required competencies for a particular certification level to his or her supervisor. Use the template provided in Appendix 3. Fulfillment applies only to initial certification, not re-certification or completion of CLPs. HCAs or their designees may certify individuals who are already proficient in the required competencies.
  2. Alternative Training. If an applicant obtained competencies through courses other than those specified in paragraphs C-2 or C-3, he or she should provide for each competency the dates of training, course descriptions, provider names, grades (if applicable), competencies achieved, and certificate of completion.
  3. Experience. If the applicant is using job experience, he or she should list the agency, dates, location, title of the position, title and brief description of related contract actions, and the duties performed that provided the relevant competencies.
  4. Education. If an applicant obtained competencies through academic courses provided at an accredited institution, he or she should provide the dates of each class, course descriptions, provider names, grades (if applicable), and competencies achieved. A copy of the transcript must accompany the application.

An applicant seeking certification based on Fulfillment submits the “HHS FAC-COTR Fulfillment Request Form” as part of the Online FAC-COTR Application Form. The detailed case for approval should be made in the Proficiency Justification boxes within this document and attached any additional training certificates, transcripts, etc.

Appendix 3 - HHS FAC-COTR Fulfillment Request Form